Size Chart

Each product is attached a size chart, which is please also considered. Since most products, unless otherwise described, are unisex, they can therefore be a tiny bit larger for women, but still fit like your other shirts of the same size. However, if there is any uncertainty, simply measure another shirt of yours (the front, from one seam under the armpit to the other) and order the correct product, as ordering the wrong size will not be covered at this time, unless the error is ours.

Laundry and care instructions

The clothing is best washed cold (30 °) and turned inside out to guarantee a long life of the design . It is also recommended to use a mild detergent, also chlorine-free bleach only if necessary and if possible, no fabric softener. And if the clothes don’t necessarily need to go in the dryer, it works best to simply hang dry the items. When ironing, the clothes are also turned inside out- avoids ironing the design directly.

Quality & Composition

Hoodies and sweatshirts are made of 50-80% cotton and 20-50% polyester – unlike the T-shirts, which are made of 100% cotton. Especially the fabric of the crewneck sweatshirts is very thick and soft. As a result of the DGT (Direct-To-Garment) print, the design gets a vintage look.


DTG printing is a rather new technology to print designs from a special printer directly onto the products and into the material. Due to the water-based ink, this technology is especially more environmentally friendly. Unlike other printing processes, you don’t feel the print so clearly directly on the fabric when you slide your finger over it. 

Especially, this kind of printing is suitable for white or natural color cotton products and achieve the best result. Example: t-shirts, gym bags, bags.
As often mentioned, the print turns out differently for mainly black hoodies, crewnecks or shirts, as many of them are only mostly made of cotton. The material absorbs the color, but absorbs it differently than pure cotton products or pure white products. It results in a sort of vintage look, as mentioned earlier, as the black fabric may sometimes show through the white print in a slightly polka-dotted way. This is a completely normal result.
Since white shirts are thin and soft, the print of the logo and the table at the top of the neck shines out a bit – if this bothers you, opt for a gray shirt.